Wellness Programs

Experience Wellness in a setting where wellness is the only option!

Start your journey with :



Themed Wellness Week

                  An introduction to the essence of OWL, and BEing wellness.

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Whole body detox 11 days

Follow your experience week with a whole body detox!          

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Develop a new body 11 days

                 Come join us again 6 months after your detox to develop your new body!

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Write your new story -22 days

 If you feel like you need more time to tune in, be free of distractions, this is the program for you!  

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True Health

Programs can be booked in any order you wish, and in whatever way fits your needs!


What results can you expect from these programs? 

You will transform your suffering into wellness

Your health will drastically improve, you’ll enjoy growth  to wellness in relationship, career, financial, spiritual, and emotional dimensions. 

You will begin to understand and live your Divine soul contract that is designed to guide you through life’s challenges with ease, and to dream a new world into being. 

You will be given the gift of knowing the Universe is watching out for all of us. 

You will develop a sense of the forces of the Universe and discover their purpose and work in your life. 

You will learn to expand the borders of your natural senses and tune into the unfolding of your life

You will understand yourself, and fall madly in love with YOU. 

You will have a clear road map for your life